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Customizing a motorbike is intensely personal


Create a digital configurator that best emulates the freedom a custom bike builder has in their real garage using their bare hands.


A real-time 3D app with a stripped back interface that integrates seamlessly on every mobile platform - something typically reserved for powerful computers.

Built with a customized 3D engine, the highest possible level of detail and performance was achieved. Everything that you see, touch, and feel is rendered in real-time 3D giving you direct influence over every bike. 3 environments with more than 30 bikes, 80 variations, and over 700 accessories were custom modeled and textured in 3D giving the rider complete freedom.


Dealerships across Europe are using the interactive experience to help riders visualize their perfect bike. Popularity of the app amongst users led to an increase in lead generation with 141.840 downloads, 24.894 stored bikes, and 37.786 shared photos. After this success Yamaha Europe requested to release more bike ranges with new models and environments.

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